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Name:                Lukas Jacob Hövelmann-Köper

Birth:                  28.02.1989 in Kassel, Germany

Living at:           Shanghai, China

Phone:               +86/15618631775





2017-xxxx         Composer of contemporary classical music with concerts in Europe and Asia.

                           Performances by leading orchestras like the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

                           and award-winning ensembles such as the Duo Liepe

2022-xxxx         Consultant for 

2020-xxxx         Author of numerous music-related essays and articles published in magazines and publications of PPH                                    People's Publishing House 人民出版社

2020-xxxx         Consultant for VIP Peilian 陪练 (VIP Peilian is the biggest one on one online music tutoring platform in the                                world) in the fields of music theory and music education 

2015-2018        Tutor for preparation course in music theory and composition for university entrance examination in Berlin




                           Jürgen Fromm (Music University Kassel) – Electric Guitar,

                           Uwe Volkmer (Music University Kassel) – Piano and Composition, 

                           Prof. Diego Feinstein (Music Academy Kassel) – Composition, 

                           Cornelius Schwehr (Music University Freiburg) – Composition, 

                           Prof. Brice Pauset (Music University Freiburg) – Composition.


Awards (selection)

2020 -               Final Round of “Franz Schubert and modern music” Graz, Austria 

2018 -               2nd Prize at the “Toru Takemitsu Composition Award” Tokyo, Japan 

2018 -               2nd Prize at the “German Music Competition DMW” Bonn, Germany

2018 -               1st Prize at the “Pegram Ensemble Competition Berlin” Berlin, Germany

2017-                1st Prize at the “Indonesia Orchestra and Ensemble Composition Competition”

                          Jakarta, Indonesia



2017-2018 -     Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

2017                  Pegram Art Residency Berlin, Germany



Recommendations and critics

Unsuk Chin       “one of the most celebtrated composers of our time” [1]

“Lukas Hövelmann-Köpers compositions reflect a strong will and the great courage to create new musical worlds. Each single tone has great intensity and is being featured as its own universe. At the same time, all these single tones grow into a dense texture of enormous energy.”


Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini       “composer whose operas have been performed at leading European 

 opera houses” [2]

“Lukas Hövelmann-Köper is a distinguished composer who creates impressive musical landscapes for large scale orchestra as well as for chamber instrumentation. In his scores he shows a deep musical understanding of different contemporary composition techniques and a refined sense of building long and emotionally striking climaxes.”


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